Custom Pearls Order- Let us Find Your Perfect Pearls

Custom Pearls Order- Let us Find Your Perfect Pearls

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Thinking of a timeless piece of Pearl Jewellery? We specialize in finding the perfect strand or pair of pearls to suit any budget and style.

While we stock a limited collection of Fine Pearl Jewellery in our showroom and online, we have access to some of the finest pearls from all over the world, including (but not limited to) Tahitian, Akoya, South Sea, Keshi & Cultured Fresh-Water Pearls.
Fill out the form below to book an appointment to visit our showroom to discuss your pearls or alternatively we can give you a quote via email, just provide us with as many of the following details as possible:
Type of Jewellery: Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet etc.
Budget: $
Type of Pearls: Either by colour or type (ie) South Sea Pearls
Rough Size: millimeters (if unsure, we will give you a quote on the best available to suit your budget)
For more detailed information on Pearls, please visit our Pearls Guide

    Please note:

    Please allow for slight variations in Gold and Stone colours due to differences in lighting and screen resolution.