A Guide to Coloured Stones

Where do Coloured Stones / Diamonds Come From?

Coloured stones & Coloured Diamonds come from all over the world including Colombia, Kashmir & Burma. The only exception is the Argyle mine in Australia  which is the only mine in the world to consistently produce pink diamonds, and is also the world’s largest supplier of natural coloured diamonds. 

Is Carat Important in Coloured Stones?

It’s a common mistake to think that stones with a higher carat weight are always more valuable. For example, you could have a 50 carat emerald that’s worth $500 per carat or a 5 carat emerald worth $30,000 per carat. The same is true for all stones. It’s a combination of the ‘four c’s’: colour, clarity, cut and carat weight. 


Colours of Sapphires

Colours of Diamonds