Diamond Guide - The 4 C's

Clarity, Cut, Carat & Colour: Buying a diamond should be based on the right knowledge, and it is important to understand the basics as diamonds come in many qualities.

Understanding as much as possible about the differences in quality and value will assist to help you choose your diamond.  Below are the four C's of Diamond buying. Clicking on each heading will take you to more detail in a new page.

Diamond Clarity

A diamond has the capability to refract more light than any other gemstone. Most diamonds contain tiny natural marks formed in nature called inclusions. The number of inclusions, their size and location all affect the diamond's clarity grade.

Diamond Cut

If cut properly a diamond reflects the light back up through the center of the stone to give its characteristic sparkle. A master cutter ensures full light dispersion, maximizing the inherent beauty of the stone. The quality of the cut is called the "make".


While carat-weight is the most obvious factor when assessing the value of a diamond, it is a measurement of weight, not actual "size".

Diamond Colour

Colour grading ranges from colourless to light yellow, colourless being the most desired. The differences from one grade to another are very subtle, evidenced by the number of grades within each category shown on the International Colour Grading Systems Chart.